Monthly Archive: May, 2012

lists, lists, lists.

there’s been a recent explosion of posts on summer manifestos/bucket lists. i wrote mine a while back, but here’s the updated version (i’m totally pretending my earlier one doesn’t exist, because i don’t… Continue reading

the summer diet, gearing up for fall, and other such things

first, let’s be clear. when I say “diet”, I do not mean “tinier portions of food”. I mean “things I enjoy eating, in this case in the summer”. the list, because YAY LISTS… Continue reading

keeping track of my running

fourth run in a row today was a decent success. it was a short run, which is fine by me. i think tomorrow may be a day off, and i’ll maybe do some… Continue reading

on running, stopping, and starting again

today’s 1.5 mile run marks my third consecutive run. here is what i have learned so far. 1. leave a motivation at home so you don’t give into the temptation to crash on… Continue reading

year one: done

AUGH. let’s have a moment to appreciate that i survived my first year of grad school. and i made it through with a 4.0. which, uh, is awesome. i got solid grades in… Continue reading

off to take an exam on reading and writing (or: silly)

in virginia, we have three state exams for the teaching license. i am off to take the VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment), which exists to check my reading and writing skills. and… Continue reading

the grad school detox

i feel pretty confident in saying that grad school has done a number on me. mental issues aside, i now weigh ten pounds more than i did in august of 2011, i get… Continue reading

life goals for the summer

summer is close, and it tastes like a mojito and smells like fresh hay. in that light, and as i am SO CLOSE to done with school projects, here’s my list of life… Continue reading