Monthly Archive: July, 2011

guava cupcakes, my new love

someone at the office made guava cupcakes i am now obsessed that was AMAZING. i now need to find some more fantastic summer dessert recipes. what is your staple summer dessert? any good… Continue reading

Grad School Chronicles: financial aid and the timeless art of pestering people

i’m about to enter the terrifying world of student loans, y’all. hold me. i’m scared. actually, oddly, i’m not that scared. i was lucky and had parents who paid for college, but it’s… Continue reading

in which i fail Being a Person 101

this is not a post about my failing on some powerful level – i’m not talking about reexamining my moral fiber or trying to understand some horrible mistake i’ve made. this is about… Continue reading

i sort of loathe my doctor right now

this no-coffee, no-alcohol, all-the-water-you-can-stand regimen? it will destroy me no coffee means i can barely construct a sentence until nearly lunch. truly. basic words elude me without my daily dose of morning coffee.… Continue reading

so begin the Grad School Chronicles

seeing as i just had my first legit 24-hour freak-out followed by “oh, duh” moment, it seems like a good time to start this series on the blog. also, holy shit, i start… Continue reading

dreams influenced by media are terrifying

last night my dream went something like this: i was a character in Game of Thrones (but not a character so much as, GOT was totally real, and i was a lesser nobleman’s… Continue reading

on finding the motivation to work out

if you think i’m about to tell you i found that motivation, step away from the blog, my friends. i have not. i’m sitting in the living room in the worst mood of… Continue reading

restaurant week review: ten (or, om nom nom)

one of the more fabulous things about charlottesville is our restaurant week (there’s one in july and one in january). for $26, which includes a donation to a local charity, you can dine… Continue reading

new beauty toy – the quest for red lips goes on

my recent beauty challenge has been to rock a more intense lip rather than eye. this means i now own approximately twenty bold lipsticks. i don’t mind the intensity of lipstick, but it… Continue reading

blog inspiration: the daily julie

every now and again, i want to write a post about other bloggers who make me want to improve my own writing. i’ve said this to some folks, but i’m not writing this… Continue reading