Monthly Archive: August, 2011

monday’s manicure, tuesday

this is the first installment of Super Fluffy Blog Post (or, monday’s manicure). my eighth grade latin teacher taught us how to do our own nails, which saves a girl money if you’re… Continue reading

grad school chronicles: the bean experiment

scene: language skills class, this morning overheard: “hey, do you want some? i have a bag.” not anything sketchy, i swear. kidney beans. we’re trading potting soil for kidney beans for a science… Continue reading

natural disasters and i DO NOT GET ALONG

**WARNING: overly dramatic and whiny post ahead** this is my week so far monday: walking back from orientation. got stung by a bee for the first time ever. ON THE SOLE OF MY… Continue reading

grad school chronicles: orientatio and anxiety attacks

yesterday was the grand poo-bah of orientation days. except – super low-key. seriously. the post-grad master’s students (anyone who is entering grad school after graduating from undergrad) arrived at 8:30 for breakfast (coffee!… Continue reading

a quick synopsis of my first grad school orientation

nothing happened. i mean. we sat in a room. no coffee provided. we met (read: saw them from afar) various department people and most of the members of the student council. i know… Continue reading

grad school chronicles: my schedule!!

if possible, i think my dad and i are the only people truly excited about my class schedule. i’m excited because, HELLO, i’m going back to school, and am pumped. my dad is… Continue reading

point nine miles from home and stuck on the tracks

last night, after a weekend in dc, i boarded my usual southbound train home. normally, this is a 2-and-a-half-hour long journey. uneventful. pleasant. i had the vampire diaries to keep me amused, and… Continue reading

back from vacation!!

i’m back! i took a week off from work (this is my last week at this job before student life begins in full, and i wanted to use up some vacation hours), and… Continue reading

pinterest, my newest obsession

i apologize for having two similar posts back-to-back. i just wanted to wax rhapsodic about pinterest, my latest favorite website. it’s somewhat of a social media site, i’d say. as i mentioned in… Continue reading

internet beauty tool (a shout-out)

i don’t know how i didn’t know that new york magazine’s website feature “shop-a-matic” existed. well. i think i knew it was there. but everything i saw advertising-wise was “wedding dresses!” and “things… Continue reading