Monthly Archive: November, 2013

teaching kids to write

there are plenty of things about my job that drive me insane because i have no control over them. this post is more about a thing that is driving me insane because i… Continue reading

student loans: the repayment begins

today (*yesterday) i took a big, grown-up step. i paid my first student loan repayment! erm. 119 to go. they ain’t small. i mean. i feel REAL grown-up. i also feel REAL broke.… Continue reading

confessions of a grinch

first of all, i have started to have fantastic dreams about getting a full week off for thanksgiving, that rapidly turn into stress dreams when i realize that i don’t get a full… Continue reading

listen up

as a teacher, i rarely say that, actually. i am more of the “make me your focus in 5…4…3…2…1,” followed by repeatedly asking one particular student or another to PUT DOWN THE FREAKING… Continue reading

sephora nail polish

recently, in a fit of insanity, i created an excel document tracking my nail polishes – brand, name, and the exact color. because i am not mentally stable. and also, you guys, it’s… Continue reading

sock bun!!

one of my co-workers has the most gorgeous hair ever, and had it up in this big, sleek bun the other day. i asked her how on earth she pulled it off –… Continue reading

on slowing down

i’m categorizing this as a running thing, but it applies to so many other parts of life that it could easily be anywhere on my blog. i have fallen off my running wagon,… Continue reading

(taps mic) is this thing on?

true story: being a teacher is TERRIBLE for keeping up with one’s blog. sorry i’ve vanished from the internet, y’all. between all of the germs (two colds in two weeks, just for kicks)… Continue reading