Monthly Archive: March, 2013

hi friends, i’m still here

i sort of fell off the face of the planet last week. sorry, y’all. basic updates: we had more snow, i hated everything and the aftermath: wet streets and snow-kissed trees    … Continue reading

how were you taught?

i just came from a lecture on mindsets and teaching kids how to approach learning in a certain way. the quick-and-dirty version of mindset: there are two approaches to learning. if you have… Continue reading

link happy

i’m going to resist the urge to post penguin videos here. BE STRONG, TESS. great piece on the bachelor via the very wise clare malone. who i know. and so that statement is… Continue reading

adorable of the day

i could literally watch this video for hours on end. i get super excited whenever it looks like the seal might be able to hang on. also, the moment when one seal tail-whacks… Continue reading

weekend in photos

after ten inches of snow and 22 hours without power on wednesday, mother nature threw me a bit of love this weekend with some glorious, sunburn-inducing weather. please enjoy my favorite photos here.… Continue reading

post-snowquester analysis

if you follow me on twitter, you got to witness my slow descent into madness when my house was without power for about 22 hours (conservative guess). virginia does not often get snow.… Continue reading

secret single behavior (new term: beauty-specific behavior)

this is a concept from sex and the city, and all i really remember is that the episode ended with charlotte staring at her pores in a magnifying mirror. but having been in… Continue reading

a new week

last week felt like i was living the definition of “the stars aligned” except they were really vengeful stars, and i ended my week in sort of a funk, to say the least.… Continue reading

oh, weekend, let’s be friends FOREVER

let’s be real, i would not know what day it was if it weren’t for the fact that my computer tells me it’s friday. this week. i swear. i’m so over it. SO… Continue reading