Monthly Archive: December, 2011

getting ready for the new year (or, i love this town)

let’s see. sparkly red nail polish? check. sparkly gold dress? check. ridiculously high heels? check and check. tonight my alma mater (and my current school. i guess just…my school) plays in the peach… Continue reading

saying farewell/good riddance to 2011

i’ll be honest – 2011 was a crapshoot. parts of it were lovely – hitting one year with the man friend, getting into grad school, starting grad school. but a good chunk of… Continue reading

6 days till the 5k

a confession, readers. i am not up to running 3 miles yet. 2 miles? yes. running the whole 2? not quite. i’ve been pretty good about keeping my only competitor myself – no… Continue reading

merry merry, and such

if you celebrate, merry christmas! and if you don’t, happy sunday! my family is not religious, but we do love christmas because it’s pretty consistently a low-key day for the three of us… Continue reading

happy christmas eve!

mine is full of snuggly dogs who help in the kitchen, sleep in the office, and come wake me up in the morning and big dogs who growl for their cheese dads who… Continue reading

on getting my butt kicked by tracy

HOLY GOD. i hurt. i know this is my second post about the bizarre concept that exercise hurts, but y’all. dang. i’m on day 4 of the tracy anderson 30-day method (i took… Continue reading

sweet dreams are made of cheese. i want cheese.

(yes. i know. those are not the lyrics. WHATEVER. i want cheese all the same.) (i wrote this early, i swear. it just REFUSED TO POST.) good morning, world. i’m writing this from… Continue reading

my abdominal muscles are going to leave me for a nicer person

i recently purchased the tracy anderson 30-day method (a book. with a dvd. more on that in a moment). i’m using her 30 days of exercises in addition to my own cardio. and y’all.… Continue reading

crazy cupcake ideas

Presenting: dark chocolate cupcakes with Andes mints in the middle.

so i think i’ll leave my life and join a burlesque act

alternate post title: we make great decisions when we’re drunk. last week, my roommate and i learned of a burlesque show coming to our sweet little town. it took roughly the time it… Continue reading