Monthly Archive: May, 2011

hawkgirl would probably yell at me

yes, hawkgirl. she’s just become my ass-kicking inspiration for my new goal. not flight. though that would be awesome. however, in my brain, she’s going to be my coach to get me through… Continue reading

join me in a little escapism, will you?

so, denver is rainy as all anything, and because we’re like eleventy-million feet closer to the sky, it is CRAZY oppressive. even when there isn’t any hail or pouring rain, i feel squished.… Continue reading

regarding yesterday’s asterisk

i put an asterisk on the word “mid-west” in my post yesterday. that’s because i got scolded for not referring to denver as “the mountain region” y’all. i am from the east coast.… Continue reading

side effects of travelling while on several meds

being allergic to the air means i’m on allegra, and being in the mid-west* means my sinuses have been squashed completely, so now i’m on both allegra and a sinus decongestant. basically, i’m… Continue reading

trees. stop it.

STOP BEING SO POLLENY. my eyes are burning, my nose is not working, and i’ve officially become a mouth-breather, which is super fun. guh. dying. cannot focus at all on anything. so. yea.… Continue reading

apologies to the robot-lady

apparently my insurance company no longer tracks things like primary care physicians. good to know. sorry i yelled at you, ann the robot-lady. however, now my dream school, which is also where i… Continue reading

color me totally baffled

my insurance company just perkily informed me via ann, the robot-bitch on their “live chat assistance” tool, that i cannot change my primary care physician for my own insurance plan. really? that seems…like… Continue reading

to the doctor

because graduate school would like to know that i am not diseased, i have to get a primary care physician. and a check-up. and have said doctor sign off on 6 pages of… Continue reading